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Eco Neighborhood and Gathering Center

Chiyana is seeding new culture with transformational events and a freshly founded intentional neighborhood.

Chiyana is also the home of Bana Kuma, a non denominational wisdom tradition which encourages each individual towards their own expansion and self guidance. Aside from all of the music, dance, storytelling and ceremony associated with the Bana Kuma Chiyana continues to host small concerts/festivals, retreats, hands on building and gardening workshops.

At Chiyana community is allowed to be created on its own accord through the free will of those each individual. In the this way Chiyana is not a “forced community” but more a “neighborhood” of individuals who share similar values. Although there are soft guidelines and suggestion as to how to live upon the land sustainably land is owned free and clear of any burdensome rules that might encumber residents free will. The community that is created at Chiyana is done so from a natural desire from each individual rather than through a series of laws that a community adheres to. The question Chiyana asks is with a few simple guidelines, can a community be created organically and flourish from creativity rather than restrictiveness.

Chiyana lies on the Rio Grande at the foot of the  Black Mesa and is surrounded by thousand of acres of National forest and BLM land. For thousands of years the lands of Chiyana were used for gathering, growing food, ceremonies, as well as making art.

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