We propose many levels of ceremony and rites of passages. All are initiated with Spirit Councils, community circles harboring mediumship and sovereignty. These are healing discussions, and powerful re-discovery of our grandest path to be in the best place to take action on it. Meetings and reunions may be very expansive and self healing. We have dedication to one becoming their own best guide and letting life flourish in new un-imaginable ways to create one's own Bana Kuma.

Bana Kuma is a term that translates as ‘sacred altering,’ referring to the process whereby our thoughts are intentionally transformed into our reality. Chris Berry, in communion with his ancestral guides, has initiated his Bana Kuma and is sharing it with the world with intent to co-create the next level of progress available to humanity through this endless source of universal wisdom.

Chris is a wonderfully cultivated spirit medium whose availability to his ancestors is expressed in special ceremonies reminiscent of the traditions still thriving in much of Africa. These ceremonies play an important role in our experience together, and in many ways define the layout of how time is spent on Chiyana.

The unique communal experience of Chiyana is based on a premise of self-sovereignty, co-creation, and unity. The church and organization is held by co-facilitators from around the world who will model their own journey with ceremony and self-discovery. Practices undertaken throughout these events will be based on natural lore and on communion with the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Ceremony Services

Spirit Mediumship Ceremonies and Councils

These will be held by Chris and/or select few other initiated mediums for the purpose of opening direct dialogues with the spirit realms and defining one's journey into initiations and transformative rituals in consideration with one's path, skills, mission, vision and excitement.

Gah Initiation

Gah is the ritual of making necklace that is created and consecrated by spirits to signify work being done - that the spirits can lay their prayers down next to. This is initiation provides a specific medicine work or practice to be created with ones guides and ancestors and involves the answering of 12 questions offered by the spirits themselves.

Kasha Ceremony

This powerful ceremony intends to activate the transformative abilities of our own central fire (our hearts). It involves the ignition of a physical fire between 1 to 3 days through a process of offerings and prayer and a high-energy expression of spirit and release through fast drumming and dancing.

Shiniwa Ceremony

This ceremony involves working with the ferocity and tenderness of water to cleanse the mind and body of harmful attachments and to reactivate stagnant energy. It involves a process of offering and prayer, and complete immersion in one of our beautiful neighbouring waterfalls. This ceremony may take up to 6 days and is followed by meditation practices, and involves a still-water consecration.

Tililee Ceremony

This is an ancient way of gathering herbs from one’s local environment for the purpose of preparing medicinal teas and salves. It involves a process of offering and prayer, and of deeply listening to the plants to discern which is most appropriate and for what particular medicinal outcome. This is accompanied by.a tea making ceremony performed over an open fire and in allegiance with the spirit of all the elements.

Chimbo Ritual

Consecration of one or more objects to work with the spirits one has established contact with to maintain and deepen the relationship between the person and their ancestors or allies or spirit guides.

Divination Teachings

Learn from Shaumtoosa an ancient African technique to read time and space through the art of divining.

Tah Staff Rite

Strengthen And maintain the connection with your greater self through the practice and dance of Ziassou and the staff martial art.

Tira Practice

An initiation into the art of the body and healing through intuitive energy points and acupressure using tools called the Tira sticks.

Munuté or Whale Oil Bearer Ceremony

If you are asked by Haha the spirit or feel a strong call to become a whale oil carrier then this is the ceremony of 9 days to partake in before you become one of the sacred oil bearers. For those who work with healing and blessing, the annointers.

Sihutuma Ritual

Learn how to teach others to or engage in a ceremony for the establishment of mutual understanding between two people in any kind of relationship especially in the "romantic" or deep friendships.

Mediumship Initiation

Become a medium with the help of our ceremony leader and spirit Haha through the channelling of Chris Berry in the Zimbabwean ways. After Mediums have been trained in this way do not necessarily have to practice in the traditional Zimbabwé style of Mediumship, meaning their own particular spirit ways may surface and become their signature.

Makuata Initiation

Becoming an exemplar of Bana Kuma. Become the one that is in mastery of their actions. This may include being initiated in all the above ceremonies and rituals.

Other Gatherings

Music, Drum and Dance

Chris Berry is also a master drummer and award winning musician and composer. He teaches music, the Mbira spirit instrument, offers drum & dance workshops in Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, and gives private tuitions when he is not on tour. See more about Chris on www.chrisberrymusic.org