There are still a limited amount of lots and acreage available for sale at Chiyana

Minimum lot size is 3/4 acre and prices range from  25K to 82K per lot depending on location, size of the lot and how many lots purchased. All lots include access to the 5 acres of river land, BLM, as well as discounts and use of the retreat and performance center. Buyers have the choice to use their own contractors of builders or use Chiyana in house team of eco-builders.

Buyers also have the option to utilize owner financing or a Real Estate contract in order to bypass the banks or other traditional loans. Thus far all land purchased at Chiyana has been sold well below market value with low interest rates, down payments and friendly terms on Real Estate contracts. Sales depend on whether or not an individual or family is deemed a “good fit” for the neighborhood or not.

The emphasis around land ownership at Chiyana is based on character rather than wealth.

There are a few simple HOA’s that ensure we are being as eco friendly as possible but other than that owners have free and clear ownership of their land and homes as well as the freedom to join or abstain from Community events or activities. Chiyana is an interactive and intentional neighborhood rather a community based on mandatory interactions or laws. Members can sponsor or host events but cannot force or be forced to attend any event.

For more info or to be sent a land ownership application please email us at or call 808 333 1865.

Questions to ask if you are considering becoming a part of Chiyana:

  1. Do you appreciate the outdoors and outdoor activities?
  2. If you are planning on commuting to either Santa Fe or Taos for work and if so are you prepared to make a 30 to 45 minute commute?
  3. Aside from two country stores most nearby shopping is 15 to 20 minutes away in Espanola. Are you willing to live that far from amenities?
  4. Are you interested in any of the events that might occur at Chiyana event spaces. These may include, small concerts, yoga and meditation retreats, dance and music workshops, building and gardening conferences, self help seminars etc?
  5. Are you comfortable interacting with others in communal areas or are you looking for total isolation in the country?
  6. Are you interested in interactions with multiple age groups
  7. Are you interested in growing food, animal husbandry, sustainable land development, seeding new culture and or other creative endeavors interest you.
  8. Are you inspired by self improvement and growth and willing to share ideas around this?

3.5 Acres Total - Can Be Divided