Programs at Chiyana offer instruction in the following choices

Hosted by the Panjea Foundation

Djembe, Dun Dun, Ngoma, Mbira, Voice, Harmony, Song-writing, Composition, Dance, Storytelling, Ceremony making, Spirit communication, mediumship training/initiation, divination, Bana Kuma Wisdom/Mythology, Hinimaweh meditation and Matare medicine training. All musical instruments welcome.

If you are interested in doing a recording project at Chiyana and/or having music produced with CB, please inquire about the rates for your project.

Other potential activities include earth building, gardening, cave-digging, horse riding, river rafting, farm to table cooking and more.

Offerings are based on level of interest. Compensation for these offerings will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Please notify us in advance about which of these offerings you would like to include in your stay.


Spirit Council $30 each for councils with 9 or more participants (not including Chris B.) or $45 for councils less than 9.

Private Council (1-3 people) $90 each.

Matare $250 (medicine limited).

Private music lessons $60 an hour.

Music classes with 3 or more people $20 an hour.

Please see below about further work trade discounts.


Provide your own meals or inquire about a meal plan, which we may be able to design based on interest.

Staying at Chiyana


Basic Camping at Chiyana includes picturesque camp sites, hot showers and composting toilet.

Camping Plus includes use of the studio kitchen for cooking and one shelf of fridge space in the studio. Please Note: Studio is only to be used for cooking and otherwise respected as a work and creative space for Chiyana recording projects, workshops and other uses.

Basic per night - $15, Camping Plus per night - $20.

Hostel accommodations (shared bunkhouse).

Bunkhouse accommodations include indoor bed, use of the studio kitchen for cooking and one shelf of fridge space in the studio, hot showers and composting toilet.

Per night - $25Long stay, lease and deposit info

For guests staying longer than one month a simple lease will be signed and a security deposit held of 1/2 of months rental fee. Campers and those staying in the Hostel or Bunkhouse are to respect the privacy of all homes at Chiyana as well as the mobile home and studio.

Farm Land & Garden Space

Farm land will be leased to accepted applicants for $100 per 1/4 acre per month.
Food produced by tenants on farmland will be owned by tenant but offered at half price to the Panjea foundation for retreats and other events if requested

Work Trade

Work or other trades to Chiyana, if accepted, may only cover half of the fees required for stays or apprenticeships, etc. Chiyana pays a maximum of $15 per hour for work trade.
Work traders will make a deposit worth the amount of work trade agreed upon for the week, and they will receive a refund of that deposit upon completion of the work. If work trade is not completed weekly, Chiyana keeps the deposit. Work traders track their hours and tasks and document it clearly.

Basic Rules

  1. Quiet time begins at 9pm weekdays and 11pm on weekends unless notified otherwise by the board.
  2. Zero tolerance for any messes especially those utilizing communal spaces like studio kitchen, outdoor showers/toilets, outdoor common areas, etc. Pots, pans and/or dishes are to be cleaned after each meal.
  3. All residents or visitors are responsible for their own trash removal. Note: There is not garbage service at Chiyana.
  4. Disrespectful behavior or not respecting others’ sovereignty will not be tolerated.
  5. The person responsible for any damage to any property will pay for the damage.
  6. Residents will be given 3 warnings. After the 3rd warning visitor or resident will be asked to leave the premises and no refund of any sort will be allowed in that case.